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Our graphic and web design process consists of 6 basic steps:

I.       The Pre-Consultation Process        
               i.    Understanding Your Site or Graphics' Most Wanted Response
              ii.    Knowing What the Site's or Business' Visitors Want
             iii.   Capturing the Intended Personality & Style of the Site/Graphic Design
II.      Design Deposit
III.    Creating the Design Concepts
IV.    Concept Selection & Revisions
V.      Final Payment of Fees
VI.    Digital Delivery of All Files/Images

I.  The Pre-Consultation Process  

The pre-consultation process is the most vital component of the design process.  It exists to address 3 main goals:

i.  Understanding Your Project's Most Wanted Response

Having a clear understanding about what the client wants to achieve with their project is the first step to a successful design relationship.  This includes understanding what the client doesn't want - such as color scheme, layout, style or any other graphic element requirements.  Sometimes understanding a client's dislikes offers better guidance toward their final design than a rundown of their wishes.  

It's vital that we understand what you want your site or new graphics to achieve.  Do you want visitors to click through Google to your site?  Do you want visitors to purchase your products/services?  Do you want them to stay longer on your site?  Do you want them to subscribe to your mailing list?

We we provide you with a design survey to help us understand the dos and don'ts of your project so we can begin in the right direction.  Please feel free to add samples of your favorite sites, designs, layouts, or images or even show us what you don't want in your own design.  The more specific information you provide, the more quickly we'll arrive at your final design.

ii. Knowing What the Site's or Business' Visitors Want

Everything about your project must either help your visitors achieve their goals or support the project's goals without obstructing the visitor's goals.   Why are visitors coming to your site?  What problem are they trying to solve?  What information are they seeking?  What solutions can you provide to their problem(s)?  The answers to these questions will drive your design by focusing it to enhance your most wanted response and will help us conceptualize what will work best for your particular project.  

iii. Capturing the Intended Personality & Style of the Site/Graphic Design

Do your visitors expect a  bold, bright design or is subtle flair more your style?  No matter your niche, the design must enhance the personality of your project, not compete or detract from it.

For example. a site about grief recovery should have a soft, warm, welcoming feel very different from what you'd expect to see on a site devoted to children's birthday parties or pet care.

Successfully balancing the style and personality of your project, through use of color, layout, typography and design will provide the optimal balance between your goals and your visitor's expectations.

II.  Design Deposit

After the pre-consultation process has been completed and we have a complete understanding of your project needs, a 50% deposit is required. At this time, PayPal is our preferred payment method.  If your project is over $500, payment plans are also available upon request.

III.  Creating the Design Concepts

It is only after we have a thorough understanding of your project, priorities and visitor persona that we begin to design your initial concepts.  Using the information gathered in the pre-consultation process, we will draft 3-5 concepts for your approval and deliver them within 3 business days for your review.

IV.  Concept Selection & Revisions

After you have reviewed the initial concepts and given us your feedback, we will make any necessary revisions to your chosen concept(s) and resubmit them to you for final approval.

V.  Final Payment of Fees

After final approval has been given on your project, payment in full must be received to receive final copies of your designs.  Payment plans are available by request for projects over $500.

VI.  Digital Delivery of Files/Images

Once full payment has been received, final copies of all files/images related to your project will be released to you via email.  Alternately, files may be delivered via CD for a small shipping fee.  We can also upload and install your files directly to your site upon request for an additional fee.

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